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Hotel & Venue Partnerships


MHW Live Music provides entertainment for events as a non-exclusive, in-house partner. Just like your in-house AV company, we become an extension of your event sales department. Simply connect your client with our team, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your meeting & event planner clients will love the one-stop-shopping experience of our in-house entertainment program. And, they’ll appreciate the convenience of paying for entertainment right on their hotel bill.


  • Standardized Pricing. Our Music Menus have completely standardized pricing within each geographic region. We have eliminated the inconsistent and complicated pricing that is typical of other entertainment vendors and agencies.

  • Convenience. Entertainment goes right on the hotel bill, eliminating the hassle of outside vendor payments and contracts.

  • Quality Service. Our musicians follow the MHW Live Music Code of Professionalism at all times.